The mission at Journey Points Therapy, Inc. is to support individuals, couples, and families and improve their lives through emotional and behavioral health therapy at whatever point they are in life’s journey.

Is therapy right for me?

Individual, couples and family counseling

Individual Therapy: Individual counseling can take many approaches and cover many issues. Some come simply for self-growth while others come to combat deep depression or disabling anxiety.  We are here and ready to work with whatever needs you present with.  Sometimes clients come knowing “somethings not right” but are unaware what it is.  We work together to unpack the situation and get to the root of the issue then resolve it.
Couples Therapy:  When your relationship gets too heated, or feels cool and aloof it’s time to do some work.  When you fear talking about it, it needs to be talked about.  The goal and approach in couples counseling is to find out what the enemy is, not who.  No one will be blamed or made the victim.  You are both victims to a situation or interactional pattern that is no longer working for you. You are both responsible for catching this pattern and working together to change it.  We will help you recognize when the pattern plays out and how you each can handle it differently based on your personal attachment style.  By separating out the pattern of interaction we can work together to resolve it with less hurt feelings creating a stronger alliance and bond between partners.
Family Counseling:  When family conflict gets the better of us whether it be parent-child with immediate family or extends to include grandparents or adult child and parent issues we can help you work with it.  Family therapy work may consist of some individual sessions to tease out the interaction patterns and some family group work.  We will assess strengths and struggles to plan for changes interaction.



Adolescent: Teen therapy provides help for your teen to work through typical development issues or specific support for challenges such as bullying, parental divorce, grief and loss.

Parent education and support

Parent education and support:  As a parent, there are times when we look at our sweet child and see what appears to be an alien being who were unsure how to deal with.  Parent education and support services help to parents connect and communicate with children in a different way to bring back that sweet interaction.  Approaches can include boundary setting, discipline, attachment and communication skills to name a few.

Psycho-education and Workshops

Psycho-education:  These are opportunities to learn more about specific Mental Health issues, symptoms, how they may affect you and or family members. We also help you create tools for coping with these issues.

Family, Divorce, Business Mediation

Family Mediation:  Rebuild family relationships when conflict poor communication have created damage to individuals within the family system.  Heal wounds of past interaction and build strong positive attachment to create healthy boundaries between members who may be overly connected.

Divorce Mediation:  Divorce Counseling sounds unusual, but is beneficial for the couple and their children.  Divorce counseling assists in helping to create closure and understanding for what did not work in the relationship, supports grieving the loss and helps the couple to negotiate the process in a mutually respectful manner and make plans for children with their best interest in mind.

Business Mediation:  We work with individuals within a business to better understand personalities and workstyle to improve ease in collaborating on projects.   We assist employees and agencies to value differences and see how they fill the gaps in customer needs.

Business Consultation & Employee Assistance Programs

Business consultation:  We consult with businesses on specific problem areas and do educational trainings on things such a True Colors personality styles.

Employee Assistance Programs: Offered either on-site or off, our Employee Assistance Programs (or EAP) provides services to employees to get support in Mental Health, Life Stress or other areas.  It aims to keep morale high in the workplace, and helps employees maintain focus at work.


Crisis intervention, Self-help or Wellness groups

Crisis intervention:  If you are a family member are having an emotional, situational or mental health crisis, immediate services are available to support through the situation.

Self-help or Wellness groups:  Assisting individuals to grow, uncover and develop their personality strengths through group exercises and personal insight activities.  Observing transitions of clients in these groups is like watching the process of rock polishing; the inner beauty emerges.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR):  Trauma reprocessing therapy is beneficial in decreasing emotional reactions to traumas, real or perceived and emotional triggers related to traumas.  Assists in decreasing emotional reactivity, flashbacks, emotionally shutting down or pushing away of loved ones, bad dreams, and sleepless nights.

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFT):  Understand your partner on a much deeper level, and create a more loving relationship and stronger attachment while working through conflict. EFT focuses on communicating from a vulnerable standpoint while focusing on old communication cycles and interaction cycles that no longer work for the relationship. By breaking down cycles from trigger point to Fight, Flight, Fawn, or Freeze and addressing additional reactions, couples learn to avoid triggers, correct them sooner and heal the injury related.  Through use of EFT, longstanding emotional wounds are healed bringing a more intimate and close attachment within the relationship.


Life Enhancement Coaching

Life Enhancement Coaching:  Life coaching provides a chance to go deeper in self-understanding, compassion, and living your best life. New coaching programs themes will be added regularly and are available self-paced. Themes will include Authentic Living, Maintaining Mental Health, Exploring your Sexuality, Balancing Life Through The Chakras, CHAKRAS-Traveling the Energy Centers of the World, Forgiveness work- self and other, Healthy Boundary Exploration, Attachment styles and relationship impacts, and many more.