We aim to help you enjoy life’s journey. We promote health, happiness and
general well-being and will work with you to get you closer to that point.

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Is therapy right for me?

Have you ever felt like “something has to change.”? Sometimes we don’t even know what it is. If you feel there is something that isn’t just right in your life therapy may be for you. Therapy can assist in pinpointing what is off balance whether it be undiagnosed depressions, anxiety, ADD/ADHD or simply feeling dissatisfied and lackluster, not knowing how to manage life’s normal transitions. Once you know what is off we can work together to make a plan to get your life back in balance. The goal may be improving relationships, feeling more connected, communicating more freely. It could be to get more comfortable speaking in public or challenging self to do things that were intimidating in the past. As therapists at Journey Points Therapy we take pleasure in meeting you where you are at and walking life’s journey with you to assist you in reaching your personal goals. Your therapy appointment may include:

•        Reduce affects of trauma
•        Stabilize mood
•        Reduce family conflict
•        Decrease levels of anxiety and depression
•        Create healthy attachments
•        Offer support in grief and loss
•        Alleviate feelings of shame
•        Teach stress management
•        Improve communication skills
•        Teach anger/behavior management
•        Balance life expectations
•        Increase relationship intimacy

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